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    For Couples

    What happened?…. First there was meeting and attraction … we began to talk and discovered we had more to say. In time and with time there was friendship and trust that blossomed into intimacy. Friends noticed. Fantasies of us together emerged. Love germinated and grew. Visions of a future slowly came into focus. As our lives became more intertwined, adjustments became compromises, trade-offs for the greater benefit of love and building a life together.

    Difference can be the spice of life for many couples, but for others, it can be a source of heartburn. We each bring with us a lifetime of doing things our own particular way. Whether these come from our family-of-origin traditions, cultural or religious customs, or simply are variations in personal style or habit, adjustment and compromise are necessary for us to live comfortably together. Learning to accept and manage each other’s differences requires significant emotional intelligence and communication skills.

    Balancing personal needs within the confines of a committed relationship requires increasingly sophisticated skills as we grow older. Life events and the stages of adult development can strain our capacities as individuals and as a couple to address changing circumstances constructively. During such challenging times, consulting a non-judgmental relationship expert is an invaluable investment to maintain and enhance the quality of our life.

    Couples that work with me can expect both to focus on their personal strengths along with their mutual challenges in order to learn to enhance their relationship skills. An initial assessment process, informed by the most up-to-date research and clinical practice, will allow us to address the most urgent and relevant issues in an efficient and ultimately effective manner.