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    Deciding to call a therapist for the first time is not easy, but it is an act of courage! Rarely, in my experience, is this an impulsive decision. More likely, you have been talking to trusted friends and confidants for some time. Perhaps you’ve heard the same advice again and again but your own common sense and efforts to do what they’ve suggested doesn’t seem to work.

    It may have occurred to you that, although your friends have your best interests in mind, they don’t really understand what it feels like to be you. Their advice might work for them, but they don’t walk in your shoes and see the world through your eyes.

    That’s part of what makes working with a well-trained psychologist different – it’s my role to understand your experience the way you live it, to explore with you the options that you want for yourself, without the well-intentioned bias inherent in your confidants’ wishes for you.

    In the course of our conversations, you will come to better observe yourself and learn to reflect on your experience. In so doing you will better understand how you may have been getting in your own way. You will soon have more choices and become better able to make the changes you want for yourself.

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