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  • “Navigating Life’s Turbulence…”


    Whether you are unhappy or dissatisfied at work or at home, my treatment approach can provide you with the cognitive and emotional skills to understand your experience so that you can change and improve your life. As a clinical psychologist and family mediator, I have been practicing in Stamford, Connecticut, and New York City for over 25 years. I work primarily with adults, couples, and families in short-term focused psychotherapy as well as in long-term intensive interpersonal treatment.

    Helping Individuals, Couples & Families Repair, Recover, and Thrive

    With the help of my integrative psychotherapeutic approach, you can improve your capacity to observe and reflect on how your thoughts, feelings, and actions interact with the world around you. This greater self-awareness is an essential part of a happy life.

    Having these skills will allow you to consider a wider range of alternatives before you respond to both internal and external circumstances. More choices and effective problem-solving abilities help you to rid your life of anxiety, depression, and self-defeating habits.

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    About Me

    For over 25 years in private practice treating individuals, couples, and families, I have provided a calm, caring and supportive environment where patients can develop strengths and skills for managing life’s challenges.

    My clinical perspective focuses on developing an understanding of our current behavior, along with our underlying thoughts, feelings, and beliefs in the context of our past experience. This, I believe, offers a robust framework for understanding and coping effectively with life’s complexities.