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    Family Mediation Services

    Families may face practical problems that seem unsolvable. Couples may decide to dissolve their marriages. Adult children may not be able to agree on how to address the needs of their aging parents. Differences may seem so great, and conflicts so intense, that distance and alienation appear to be unavoidable. This is rarely true.

    Mediation provides a calm, secure, non-judgmental setting for family members to express their thoughts, feelings, and perspectives constructively, so that they may ultimately resolve differences, develop a practical plan, and collaborate to bring about an effective outcome.


    As parents age and perhaps become infirm, their adult children often struggle to address their needs and care for them. Siblings may live far away, both from each other and from their parents. Life-long differences and rivalries frequently re-emerge, especially when anxiety builds. Communicating effectively, working together for parents’ well-being, and sharing the responsibility for implementing a plan may seem too much to achieve.

    A family mediator serves as a trusted guide and facilitates working through all the relevant issues in a manner that respects each family member’s position and so enables the family to preserve its integrity under trying circumstances.


    For many couples with children who have already decided to restructure their family into two households by means of separation and divorce, acrimony, financial hardship and adversarial court action may seem inevitable.

    Mediation, however, is a viable, cost-efficient alternative for empowering couples to dissolve their marriage while preserving their family. Divorce mediation is especially effective for designing developmentally appropriate parenting plans, for addressing unique or ongoing co-parenting issues, and for working through the complexity of relocation decisions.

    With some 25 years of mediation experience, including specialty training as a divorce mediator, I provide a calm non-judgmental environment to reach workable resolutions to these difficult life transitions with a minimum of stress.